Due diligence

Our attorneys have exceptional knowledge and extensive experience in conducting complex legal analyses of enterprises. In particular:

  • we have extensive experience, and we are able to comprehensively organize and conduct due diligence processes for both sellers and buyers,
  • we have organised and conducted numerous due diligence processes as part of M&A transactions and while preparing prospectuses,
  • we emphasise the practical aspect of our opinions, presenting the results of the due diligence process, the identified risks, and the recommendations intended to enable or facilitate the implementation of a given project to eliminate or reduce legal risks in a clear and transparent manner.

We have conducted a total of several hundred comprehensive due diligence processes concerning the following industries, among others:

  • FMCG,
  • electronic payments,
  • finance, including lending and leasing companies,
  • e-commerce,
  • medical services,
  • private security,
  • cash management,
  • manufacturing, including the production of fittings, packaging, glass products, and carpets,
  • transport and logistics,
  • property development,
  • insurance,
  • asset management and mutual funds.

Completed projects

  • V4C Poland Plus Fund

    Advising a fund managed by Value4Capital on acquiring a minority stake in Dreamcommerce S.A. from other company shareholders.

  • V4C General Partner S.à r.l

    Advice on the sale transaction for the Konsalnet group’s business in the private security sector to China Security & Fire Co., Ltd based in Shanghai, China, operating through its subsidiary.

  • V4C General Partner S.à r.l

    Advice on the sale transaction for the business of the Konsalnet group, which operates in the private security sector, including physical security, GPS monitoring, technical security systems, and video surveillance.

  • Innova Capital

    Advising a private equity fund on the acquisition of Nuss sp. z o.o. by one of its portfolio companies, OCRK sp.z o.o.

  • Advent International

    Advising the owner of Wydawnictwa Szkolne i Pedagogiczne S.A. on the transformation transaction and the subsequent takeover from the founder of the Szkoła Języków Obcych R. Jeżak sp.z o.o foreign language schools.

  • Advent International

    Advising the owner of Wydawnictwa Szkolne i Pedagogiczne S.A. on the acquisition of Empik School, a network of foreign language schools.

  • Matexi Polska sp. z o.o.

    Advising a company belonging to the largest Belgian housing development group, Holding Matexi, on the process of acquiring real estate located in Warsaw.

  • Wydawnictwo Szkolne i Pedagogiczne

    Advice on acquiring the Profi Lingua language schools.

  • Nowa Era sp. z o.o.

    Advice on the intra-group restructuring of the Sanoma group in Poland.

  • Montagu Private Equity

    Advising on the acquisition of Emitel, a leading terrestrial radio and television operator in Poland.

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