Collateral administration

At MFW Fiałek, our attorneys have exceptional knowledge and extensive experience in matters related to administering securities, including collateral for bond issues.

The law firm offers collateral administration services, including collateral established as part of bond issues or, for example, in restructuring proceedings. We have extensive experience in administering various types of collateral, including, in particular, sureties, pledges, mortgages, and collateral assignments, as well as declarations of submission to enforcement. These operations are conducted by MF Trust sp.z o.o., whose capital is fully owned and managed by our Partner.

Our documentation meets the highest market standards. The ability to act as an administrator for various types of collateral allows us to provide broad, comprehensive services in relation to a given bond issue, whether it is listed or unlisted, secured or unsecured. We provide administration services for all types of collateral.

Completed projects

  • Geo, Mieszkanie i Dom sp. z o.o.

    Advice on two issues of company bonds with a total value of PLN 30 million.

  • Profbud Group

    Advice on three bond issues, including two as part of a programme by Infinity S.A. (part of the Profbud capital group), with a total value of PLN 24 million.

  • Prime Properties Group

    Advice on three issues of company bonds by the Prime Properties Group – two series issued by Constance Development sp.z o.o. as part of a programme and one series issued by Piotrkowska Development sp.z o.o. – with a total value of PLN 21 million.

  • Soltex Holding sp. z o.o.

    Advice on conducting an issue of company bonds with a value of PLN 20 million.

  • Yuniversal Podlaski sp. z o.o.

    Advice on an issue of company bonds worth PLN 15.5 million.

  • Griffin Real Estate Group

    Advice on a bond issue by Dafter Enterprise sp.z o.o. (part of the Griffin Real Estate group), with a total value of PLN 15 million.

  • DL Invest Group PM S.A.

    Advice on an issue of company bonds worth PLN 9 million.

  • i2 Development S.A.

    Advice on two issues of company bonds.

  • NWAI Dom Maklerski S.A.

    Advice on the process for bond issues by Rubin Energy sp. z o.o.

  • Wratislavia-Biodiesel S.A.

    Advice on bond issue processes.

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