Acquiring an investor

We specialise in advising entrepreneurs selling their business (in the form of a company, business or individual assets), including to the strategic investors and financial investors (e.g. private equity funds). Our approach to transactions is characterised by, among others:

  • treating each transaction individually in line with the expectations and requirements of our clients and the market requirements,
  • selecting the optimal transaction structure and execution method,
  • preparing the sellers and their business for the sale,
  • identifying the solutions that effectively limit the sellers’ liability in the transaction,
  • emphasising the safety and comfort of the sellers in the transaction so that it is a success for the sellers.

Completed projects

  • Ostendi Global

    Advising Ostendi Global, which owns the OstendiHR platform, and its partners in connection with an investment round to raise Smartlink Partners‘ investment.

  • Vantage Capital

    Advising Vantage Capital on the transaction concerning investment in Maple Bear schools.

  • Music & More sp. z o.o.

    Advising Music & More sp. z o.o. on acquiring an international financial investor. In the transaction a Luxembourg fund acquired the minority share of the client’s share capital.

  • Clovin S.A.

    Advising a Polish cleaning products manufacturer on the sale of a majority share to Avallon, a Polish private equity fund.

  • Fabryka Dywanów „Agnella” S.A.

    Advising shareholders selling the company to Brintons Carpets Limited, a subsidiary of The Carlyle Group – one of the world’s largest private equity funds.

  • Work Service S.A.

    Advice on acquiring a strategic investor and concluding a conditional investment agreement with Gi INTERNATIONAL S.R.L., including preparing the transaction structure, conducting negotiations, and preparing and signing a conditional investment agreement. Pursuant to the investment agreement, the Investor will provide the company with financing in the amount of PLN 210.2 million.

  • Lime Access sp. z o.o.

    Advice on finding an investor and concluding an investment agreement covering an investment in several tranches.

  • Alvo sp. z o.o. sp.k.

    Advice on obtaining financing from the BHM Group, a Czech fund.

  • Pentacomp Systemy Informatyczne S.A.

    Advice on selling a majority share in the company and concluding an investment agreement. As a result of the transaction, the company acquired a strategic investor represented by Lorentz Tech Limited.

  • V4C General Partner S.à r.l

    Advice on the sale transaction for the business of the Konsalnet group, which operates in the private security sector, including physical security, GPS monitoring, technical security systems, and video surveillance.

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